Arctic Cat HDX 4" Portal Gear Lift
Arctic Cat HDX 4" Portal Gear Lift
Arctic Cat HDX 4" Portal Gear Lift

Arctic Cat HDX

Arctic Cat HDX 4" Portal Gear Lift

Sale price$3,249.95
Portal Housing Material:Billet
Portal Gear Reduction:15%


  • Arctic Cat HDX 500 XT : 2017
  • Arctic Cat HDX 700 XT : 2016-2017
  • Arctic Cat HDX Crew : 2015-2016



Gen 3 Portals are Geared for All
SuperATV’s GDP 4” Portal Gear Lift for the Arctic Cat HDX is Geared for All. Choose from 15% or 30% gear reductions and cast or billet aluminum housings so you can optimize to fit your style.

Perfect for Mud
Move up to a 30% gear reduction to turn you HDX into a mudding party wagon. That boost in torque means your tires keep turning through the thickest peanut butter mud. With 4” of lift, you have room for bigger tires which means more grip and more rip. When you’re done with the mud, a 30% gear reduction can get you through rocks, trails, and roads just as easily.

Perfect for Rocks
Put 4” portals and a 30% gear reduction on your machine and get the torque you need crawl over rocks like they’re not even there. You’ll have the clearance to get over anything without scratching up your skid plate, and you’ll have room to run bigger tires. These portals are built for boulders.